Flip Franssen, 1956

Asof 1980 as a freelancer working in photojournalism and reportage photography.
His first assignments were for 1979, for the municipality of Nijmegen.
In the neighbouhood area where he lived for several years, under the smoke of a slaughterhouse and foodfactory Honig, he made his first social reportage.
After that, he worked for the Nijmeeg university magazine KUnieuws for which he was a staff photographer from 1983 to 1998.
During this period, there was also a lot of cooperation with journalists. He made numerous reports for the magazine Intermediair, which was highly regarded in the 80's and 90's, and the HBO journal.
By working for the academic hospital Radboudumc, he has great experience in working in the healthcare sector.

In 1985, Franssen joined the new photo agency Hollandse Hoogte.
From the beginning of the 1990s, contacts with national newspapers such as Trouw, Volkskrant and the NRC emerged.
For the weekly magazine Elsevier he became a regular freelancer for south-east Netherlands since 1988.
Free productions also find their way. For example, many portraits of well-known writers are used by publishers on book covers.
The fall of the Berlin wall, the end of communism in Eastern Europe and the war in former Yugoslavia are important events photographed by Franssen.
Visits to Peru and Russia (1991 and 1992) made great of impression. There have been several exhibitions about these travels and events.
After he stopped working for the university magazine, the NRC national newspaper, Elsevier magazine, the Gelderlander newspaper and the Dutch company Hollandse Hoogte were important clients and customers of his work.

In 2000 he became for the first time nominee of the Silver Camera with a picture of oil pollution on the French coast by a sunken tanker.
More nominations followed, such as in Spain (oil spill in Galicia, pilgrimage of El Rocio), Calais (migrants), Srebrenica (Dutchbat) and Italy (trash problems in Naples).

In 2006 a new newspaper, NRC / Next, appeared. It included a picture, double page-wide spread printed, for the first time.
Franssen has had such an 'In Beeld' middle page thirteen times.
The 'bookazine' Hollandse Beelden spent a lot of attention at the end of 2016 in # 2 on the black and white series of 1980 about a part of the Waterkwartier, a poor neighbourhood in Nijmegen.

"Photography attracted me because it offered the opportunity to be a part of a situation or event while observing as a spectator.
It is the expression of my way of looking at and seeing the world around me.
I move in the area between autonomous and journalistic photography and focuses on current developments in a broader sense.
My work characterizes itself as illustrative, narrative photography, with carefully selected image content.
The images often have an impressionistic, understated character, with people often only appear as figurants in their environment.
Compositorically well-balanced and without technical effects.
Architecture and short journalistic reports are my specialties"
5 Photobooks are published, in 2012 the most recent: In Het Voorbijgaan/ Passing by.

In 2000, 2006, 2009, 2010 en 2015 nominations at the Silver Camera contest.
In 2007 he was awarded best Gelderland newsfoto,
and in 2012 with a series on cherrystalls as best Geldersland journalistic serie.


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                  Nijmegen, Universiteitsbibliotheek 
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    ‘91 / ‘92: Reizende tentoonstelling
Nederlandse bibliotheken n.a.v. ouderenboek.
                  Boxmeer, Maasziekenhuis (portretten)
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                 Nijmegen, Psychologisch lab universiteit (Peru)
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         2016: Nijmegen, Kunstmagazijn, horizons

2017: Nijmegen, Stevenskerk, april fotografiemaand